Updated: 5 October 2018 10:50:25

What is a Polling Website?

By definition, this website is a website or polling provider site or poll of a group of people to find out their opinions about something. The poll results on this website may show trends, but cannot be used to obtain reliable information about the results of political polls.

Do you do a free Poll?
Of course. You will not be charged for making polls, so please make as many as you want.

Can I share screenshots of the results of the Poll?
Yes, you are very welcome to share screenshots of poll results, but make sure you add a link to the poll for reference.

Why can't you vote?
There were several Voter who contacted the admin who said they could not do Voting, every time pressing the select button the statement "Failed, you have given a previous vote" always comes out.

For this problem, we have stated in the information about Polling that:
"Doing repeated elections is not permitted. Examination of duplication is based on the IP address of the voter. We do not tolerate any fraud committed and will annul all votes indicated by bots"

So say that there are 2 possibilities:
  1. You have voted by clicking the select button
  2. If you use shared internet access sources such as wifi or LAN, then it is likely that one of the internet semer users you have used has already voted, because the IP is the same.